Rent a Car Conditions in Malaga

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This are the Terms and Conditions as of 22/06/2018. For updated terms and conditions please Contact Us

1. USE OF VEHICLE: Renter acknowledges that he receives the vehicle in food mechanical conditions, that the does receive same together with the necessary documents and with tools, tires and accessories and that all of it must he kept in good condition. He undertakes to drive said vehicle carefully in accordance with the regulations of Motor Traffic Code. He also undertakes:

Not to carry passengers or goods or to use the vehicle in any kind of activity, when this implies subleasing the vehicle directly or indirectly. B)Not to allow any person to drive the vehicle other than he himself or the person authorized in the agreement. C)Not to propel or to tow other vehicles or trailers. D)Not to participate in races or sport activities whit said vehicle. E)Not to break the seal or interfere with to odometer. Its failure must be immediately notified to PLUS CAR HIRE. f)Not to carry more passengers than those specified by vehicles manufacturer or permitted by Law. G)To keep the vehicle properly parked and locked when not using same and to protect same from freezing.

2. RETURNING OF VEHICLE: The vehicle will be returned at the place and in the date specified in this agreement. Any alteration on said place and date must be previously authorized by PLUS CAR HIRE.. The not fulfilment of this condition entitles PLUS CAR HIRE. to withdraw the vehicle or to demand in court the restitution of same. The renter will return the vehicle with the same level of petrol of the moment origin of his enjoyment of the same one. Of not being this way, the renter authorize PLUS CAR HIRE. to charge in the renter's credit card the amount of petrol lacking plus one single charge of 10 Euros for tanking expenses, plus the applicable taxes

3. RENTAL CHARGES: Renter agrees to pay, on top of corresponding rental charges and taxes, all expenses resulting from missing of vehicle documents, tools and accessories, as well as all kind of fines and court costs derived from traffic violations or infringements of Law or any legal regulations caused through fault of Renter or any of the persons authorized to drive, during the term of this agreement. The application of the tariff originally agreed, is subject to the return of the vehicle in the place and on the date stipulated.

4. INSURANCE: Only the driver(s) approved by PLUS CAR HIRE. are entitled to the status of assured:

1) The Lessee and each driver of the vehicle authorized on the contract agrees to participates as assured in the benefit of a motor car insurance policy, a copy of which is a available to the Lessee al the Lessor's main business establishment. Such Policy covers injury to third parties according to the applicable in Spain.

2) The Lessee hereby approves said policy and undertakes to observe the terms and conditions thereof. The Lessee further to take all necessary steps to protect the interest of the Lessor and its insurance company in case of accident during the term of the Rental Contract and in particular:

a) To report to PLUS CAR HIRE. within 24 hours any accident, theft or fire, even partial, in concurrently to the police of any bodily injury or theft.

b) To include in his report the circumstances, date, place and time of the accident, the names and addresses of the witnesses, the name and address of the other vehicles involved, the number of such vehicles, the name of the owner's insurance company and the number of the policy. To attach to such report any available police or witnesses report. In no event to discuss liability, deal or settle with third parties relative to the accident.

3) The renter will take responsibility for any damage caused to the vehicle, while it is in its possession, entitling the charge of the amount on the renters credit card.

4) Carried clothing or other articles are not covered.

5)The vehicle is insured only for the rental period shown on the contract. Thereafter, unless and extension is agreed to PLUS CAR HIRE.

6) declines all responsibilities for accidents which the lessee may have caused and for which he alone will be responsible.

7) Damage to the vehicle resulting from poor or uneven roads in on lessee's account.

PLUS CAR HIRE. declines all responsibility for injury lo third parties or damage to the vehicle which the lessee may cause during the rental period if he has willfully supplied PLUS CAR HIRE. with false information as to his Identity, his address or the validity of his driver's license and no insurance coverage will have in such event.

5. ACCIDENTS: Renter agrees to immediately inform PLUS CAR HIRE. of any accident and to promptly transmit any letters, summonses or notices relating to said accident, and to fully cooperate with PLUS CAR HIRE. and the insured in the investigation and defense of any claim and suit. When the accident occurs, the Renter will: take following actions

Not to accept of prejudge liability for the accident. B)To obtain full detail of parties involved with, together with a complete report of facts (how the accident happened, place, date, time, etc.) will urgently transmit to in PLUS CAR HIRE. case of serious accident will even immediately phone. C)To notify immediately the authorities if the other party is guilty and this needs to be ascertained.

6. REPAIRS, OILS, GREASING: Repair in case of mechanical breakdown (except those caused by renters negligence, inability and ill treatment) oil charges and greasing will be made by PLUS CAR HIRE. workshops, free of charge and repair costs will be refunded against receipted bills, should repairs be made by workshops other than PLUS CAR HIRE. In the latter case however, if the cost of the repairs exceeds the amount of 5 euros and before carrying the same out, the Renter must obtain permission from the nearest PLUS CAR HIRE. office, Plus 10% (plus taxes in use) of the aforementioned amount, in concept of displacement expenses and collection of the vehicle of the shop where the vehicle is carried out the repair in question.

7. PLUS CAR HIRE. RESPONSABILITY: PLUS CAR HIRE. has taken all necessary precautions to prevent mechanical failure, but it such happens, the renter hereby releases PLUS CAR HIRE. of any liability for loss or damage arising out of such failure directly or indirectly.

8. JURISDICTION: Should any difference arise between both parties, they here to submit themselves to the Courts of Malaga waiving hereby any right to any other jurisdiction.

9. THE DATA PROVIDED by Customer in this agreement, will become a part of an electronic file, property of PLUS CAR HIRE. and they will be able to be utilized by the holder of the file for the shipment of information according to the article 5 of the organic law 15/1999, of 12th December of personal character data protection. Customer has the right to agree to this information, to rectifying it if the data are erroneous and to drop of the file by means of request in writing directed to INFO@PLUSCARHIRE.COM

  • No refund on petrol. No refund on early return.
  • No Make, Model, engine, or fuel type guaranteed
  • Loss of Keys +20€
  • Loss of documents +12€
  • Rental limited to Mainland Spain and Andalucía. No entry to Gibraltar allowed
  • Use of wrong fuel +100€
  • Wheels, content and mirrors not covered by insurance
  • Need of special interior cleaning after return +30€
  • Traffic Fines administration fee +30 €
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