The Holy Week in Malaga

The Holy Week in Malaga

The Holy Week in Malaga. A good excuse to Rent a Car is going to the Holy week of Malaga .

From your Hotel on the Costa del Sol Holy Week in Malaga is one of the most outstanding religious commemorations in Spa.

Attended by millions of visitors every year, and it is not in vain that it has been declared of International Tourist Interest.

The Holy Week processions in Malaga are up to 500 years old, they are quite a spectacle that, in addition to the religious aspect.

Presents social and cultural components that make the festival one of the main hallmarks of the Andalusian city.

Why is Holy Week in Malaga so special?

If you still don’t know the Holy Week in Malaga, you are not aware of the great show that you are missing.
Those who have already experienced it are so fascinated by its cultural representation and devotional display. That they return every year to merge into the rivers of people who come out to See the Holy Week processions in Malaga.

Malaga parades stand out for two things; the composition of the parade and the exuberance of the thrones that can be carried by up to 250 people.

According to the history of the Holy Week in Malaga, the current thrones did not exist and the images were carried on discreet-sized litters that were set up inside a church. When the litters stopped being assembled inside the church, the colossal thrones that were assembled in the typical tinglaos began to appear.

Seeing them armed was a real spectacle for the Holy Week processions in Malaga.

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