7 beaches to fall in love with Fuengirola

7 beaches to fall in love with Fuengirola

The Fuengirola Promenade called the “King of Spain promenade” has a length of 7 km, starting from Castillo Sohail in the westernmost part to Torreblanca to the east.

It goes without saying that Fuengirola has the longest promenade in Spain, ideal for a pleasant stroll at sunset, surrounded by palm trees, flowers and benches to rest after a long walk. Nor could it miss its small marina from where pleasure boats and yachts begin their long walks on the Costa del Sol.

Its seven main beaches are Carvajal, Torreblanca, Las Gaviotas, Los Boliches, San Francisco, Santa Amalia and El Ejido, which have all the necessary requirements to spend a great summer day, where beach bars, water activities, sand sculptures and deckchairs attract a multitude of bathers from all over the world.

Fuengirola is one of the destinations preferred by the national tourist, with a significant increase in the international one that has grown at a great rate year after year for 20 years and with it its services and beaches

Castillo Beach, El Ejido

If you come from Marbella this is the first beach you will find, also known as Playa del Castillo. A very special and unique beach since it is the only beach where you can find eight colored boats in a row eager to sail the Andalusian waters.

Santa Amalia

Santa Amalia connects with the El Ejido beach by means of a suspension bridge that can be seen from the A7 road when you come from Marbella.

San Francisco beach

San Francisco, also known as Fuengirola beach, is full of services and amenities at your fingertips, but be careful! during the summer months it is usually quite crowded with tourists wanting to sunbathe and a refreshing swim on its quiet shore.

The Port of Fuengirola

After San Francisco, we want to make a small mention of the port of Fuengirola, from where you can see and rent great recreational and fishing boats. It also has shops, restaurants and bars. A place full of life.

Los Boliches

One of the most popular beaches in Fuengirola. On this beach you will find practically everything, from hammocks, umbrellas, playgrounds, pedal boats, water skiing, restaurants and a long etc. to spend a long day under the Andalusian sun.

The beach bars are excellent, so don’t miss the always requested and tasty “Espetos de Sardinas and the famous fried fish of the bay”

Thanks to the great conditions of this beach and its easy access, it has been awarded the blue flag on several occasions.

If you get bored of so much sun, you can always have the option of enjoying a game of volleyball on one of their public networks. Parking can be an almost impossible task due to its popularity.

Torreblanca beach

This beach is located on the border of the municipality of Fuengirola with its neighboring Benalmádena and is a much quieter beach than the more centrally located ones. Around it you will find a multitude of hotels and apartments.

With a kilometer in length you will find many ways to have fun, water skiing, windsurfing, fishing and kayaking.

Playa Las Gaviotas

Las Gaviotas is one of these beaches with a high number of foreign tourists, surely due to its two kilometers long and 60 meters wide and its location far from the center.

As Torreblanca is usually calmer than the most central beaches, but with all the comforts you could wish for, showers, public toilets, rescue towers, massages, hammocks, nearby kiosks to quench your thirst with cold drinks and snacks and excellent bars and restaurants

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