The Sun has come to stay in Malaga Costa del Sol

The Sun has come to stay in Malaga Costa del Sol

It was not so long ago that the Costa del Sol offered images as impressive as the lonely streets. The beaches of Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Marbella, Nerja or the capital itself, Malaga, showed an overwhelming emptiness.

The sand was occupied by calm seagulls, pigeons and playful parrots, inhabitants that in any other spring would look askance and some envy at those who enjoyed the first days of the bathing season. But for now, the beaches of the Malaga coast are ready for us to enjoy them again.

1-Almayate (Velez-Malaga)

The eastern Costa del Sol, the one that runs from Malaga to Nerja, offers a different version to the western one. There is less brick and concrete, less overcrowding and more chances to find relaxed family beaches with beach bars at local prices. One of those places is Almayate, a district of Vélez-Málaga where farmland and orchards still practically touch the Mediterranean waters. And where there are restaurants like ‘El Hornillero’, which serve the same grilled horse mackerel as pea omelette under a huge palapa. There are flavors that are not forgotten for many weeks that we have spent at home.

The rural flavor, the original, is the main attraction of the more than three kilometers of beach where there are areas for all tastes: some quieter, others more lively and some naturist corner. Chiringuitos with fried foods and local fish, salads sprinkled with many of the tropical fruits that are grown in the area and a generally calm sea make us, without a doubt, dream of returning.

2-La Malagueta (Malaga)

There are those who criticize it for its tourist saturation, for its hustle and bustle, for those who play loud music or who play shovels and splash you with sand. Everything may be true, but after this strange spring, don’t you feel like a little human contact, to get that empathy that we had stored in the drawer, to celebrate life? For that reason alone, it is worth taking a dip in La Malagueta, the urban beach of the capital of Malaga par excellence. One of its advantages, moreover, is that it is just a 15-minute walk from the center. Nothing better than walking Malaga.

And, beyond the sand, there are also many other reasons. The beach bars with fried fish and skewers are one of the most powerful, but also its proximity to Pier One – you just have to cross a couple of streets to get to it – where you can find a wide range of leisure and restaurants. In fact, right there is the restaurant ‘José Carlos García’, which is sorely missed these days. The saline aroma, the flavors of the chef’s cuisine and the sunset from the dock’s terraces are the definitive icing on the cake to make you want to return to La Malagueta.

3-Cabopino (Marbella)

There was a day when nature reached the sand, the dunes were part of the landscape and the view was lost beyond the horizon. Today Marbella is very different, it has a concrete belt next to the vast majority of beaches and there are hardly any corners that are not colonized by tourism. Even so, there are small environmental victories that allow visiting places that have managed to maintain a certain level of conservation. That is why Cabopino beach is another of the places to which we will always return, no matter before or after visiting ‘El Lago’

Access is via wooden walkways, a rarity on the Costa del Sol that goes back to its origins. The vegetation covers some of the only dunes that are preserved on the Malaga coast. Its fine sand does the rest. Here there is no car noise and there is the possibility of finding areas of special tranquility. The site is also a good place for surf lovers. Above all, between the marina and the first breakwater, where the long waves allow you to practice somersaults and let yourself go: feeling the vertigo of riding them will undoubtedly make us come back.

4-Los Alamos (Torremolinos)

Another beach to return to is Los Álamos, in Torremolinos. A kilometer and a half of wide sand, which sometimes approaches a hundred meters. In this little piece of the Mediterranean there is room for everything and, especially, for a wide variety of beach clubs where you can enjoy the waves with electronic music sessions and cocktails.

The range is quite varied: the easternmost area is quieter and the westernmost area has a greater number of beach bars and restaurants. This is one of the beaches with the most youthful atmosphere in all of Malaga and the one preferred by thousands of tourists who stay in Torremolinos hotels. After accumulating a lot of desire to give everything, Los Álamos is the place where we will go. To eat, we point out two nearby recommendations. One step away, ‘Fruits’. Two, ‘Especia’, located in the ‘Parador de Golf’, in Malaga.

5-Las Cañas (Estepona)

From its Garden of the Costa del Sol project, Estepona has been one of the municipalities that has experienced the greatest growth in tourism in recent years. More than a hundred pedestrian streets

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